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Staff Files 8.0

Manage your organization's employee information with this easy software

Staff Files is designed primarily for those who work in human resources, as it helps them to hold all the information available on each employee of your organization. The program keeps track of active and former employees: it manages information such as address, status, economical dependants, social security number, photo, department, position, manager, wages, benefits, and documents such as employment application, resume, and absence reports, among many others.

It also allows the HR manager to define new elements for each type of information, such as new locations or new departments, and makes them fully customizable according to the organization's needs. For each new entry, Staff-Files PRO makes a checklist intended to avoid mistakes or lack of information. The list is also customizable from the Define menu.

All the information is displayed in named tabs so you can easily access any information at any moment and see, for instance, the next vacation period for your personal assistant, or his/her emergency contact, or enter new data on any incident like accidents in working hours or warnings. You can generate reports for each employee with all the information you decide to include, preview it and print it from within the user interface, design and print a new evaluation form, new hire form, new hire check list, and even a new dismissal form.

The Wages section displays the current situation of each employee, the starting wage, dates of adjustments and the description for those adjustments, as well as the hourly fare.

The program integrates with Microsoft Office, so you can create letters from a template menu and edit them in Word, view and manage all the reports from MS Access, and import data from text files.

Another issue to be considered is the security of created databases. The program lets you define the users allowed to use the program and access the databases by username and password, define a password for the database when it is accessed outside the program or even with the Windows authentication feature, which means that only the users who already have access to the computer where Staff- files PRO is installed, can run the program.

The program can also back up all the information, and restore it when needed.

Eduardo Trejo
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  • You can generate evaluation forms, checklists for new hirings, new positions, create reports, letters, etc
  • Fully integrated with the MS Office applications
  • There is a basic, single-user version with less features available


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